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The Disclousre Dialogues...This Set features a full length Documentary and four additional DVDs loaded with fascinating content from:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Danny Sheehan
Nick Pope
Richard Dolan
Stephen Basset
Paul Davids
Paola Harris
George Noory
George Knapp
Linda Moulton Howe
Paul Stonehill
Peter Robins
Stan Romanek
Ron James
Christopher O’Brien
and many more..

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Icke on Obama!    The must - have DVD!

It’s time for Positive Change, and in this most recent and most
candid segment, the legendary DAVID ICKE reminds all of us
That humanity’s greatest outcome is at hand and the choice is ours!

Learn how the current administration plays into the plans for a New World Order and exactly why Barrack Obama is the guy to make it happen! 

But even better, find out how to help shape a better future for humanity and how we all can make the difference we need right now!

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Dead Whisper -

The definitve EVP Documentary
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